Early intervention Preschool

The sooner the better


Deafness is a serious disability in Zimbabwe affecting children’s communication and education.

However, if children and their parents start to learn sign language at an early age, they can learn age appropriate skills and ideas which help them to develop and get ready for more formal learning at school.  Parents find it difficult to think of their little child coming to “school” but they forget that hearing children learn language before they go to school, by playing with others and with their families.  At Nzeve we try to replicate the language learning of the home and playground by having people with good sign language surrounding and playing with the children.


HIV + AND Deaf?  That's a double challenge.
Nzeve was involved last term with helping deaf children and their families discover their HIV status.
Research has shown that one way to reduce infections is for people to be aware of their HIV status.
Sadly, the rate of HIV+ is greater amongst the Deaf - and other children with disabilities.
HIV is sometimes the cause of disability and disability makes many people more vulnerable to HIV.
Deaf children who are HIV positive need the opportunity to understand their disease and get treatment support.
We have 15 deaf children coming to Nzeve centre with their caregivers in August.
We will spend time helping them to understand about the virus and the need for taking their medicines for treatment.
Day 1 was exciting with children meeting each other and starting to talk about health issues, who they can talk to
and  teaching their parents and caregivers some sign language!