Deafness is a serious disability in Zimbabwe affecting children’s communication and education. Most deaf children in Zimbabwe have hearing parents who are not aware of the signs of deafness and are not expecting to have communication challenges with their child. Nzeve is an organisation of deaf and hearing people that reaches out to families and communities across Manicaland, with early identification and intervention for deaf children and support to their families.

The centre provides early childhood education using sign language and visual, participatory activities, social and emotional support to families of children with disabilities and outreach to communities with awareness programmes. Other programmes provide life skills training for deaf youth, and in collaboration with Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, support to resource units for the deaf with learning materials and visits. The inclusion programme raises awareness among other NGOs for the support of children with disabilities.


Delighted to have been chosen as a winner in the DREAMS Challange!!
We will be working with King George VI Bulawayo to ensure adolescent deaf girls
understand more about HIV and can protect themselves from infection.
We will do this using drama, other visual methods and participatory activities.

Our fundraising is administered by

Check out our video on their website and donate through Operation Orphan - mark as gift for Nzeve.


Preschool Monday to Friday
8am till 12 noon.
Sanganai Youth Training Project Tuesday to Friday
8am to 4pm
Hearing tests daily
from 12 noon.
Sanganai Deaf Social Club for deaf youth and adults
Every Saturday at 1pm.
Parent’s support group Wednesdays and Saturday